Why Hiring an Article Writing Service is Better than Just Building Back Links

“Great content has to be the foundation of any good site,” says Matt Cutts, Google’s software engineer. Search engines are looking more at the relevance of content to readers these days when fetching up a web resource. Being knowledgeable of how quality content can benefit you shifts your focus to effective strategies that bring in real results in the long run.

Why Good Content Wins Over Links

Because quality content wins readers. Readers are more likely to visit your website or blog if you have informative content that helps them in decision-making. While the number of backlinks does matter to search engines, they are also keen on web resources that are of real use to information seekers. Moreover, when you write or buy articles that contain valuable information, you automatically attract backlinks as other websites and blogs will more likely want to link to you to share your information; this way, you also build quality links, which increases your credibility.

Getting Bulk Links Isn’t Just Enough Anymore

Say, you have hundreds of links, which increase your search engine rankings and bring visitors to your site. But, no amount of links is going to make your readers stay or return to your website if you have poor content.

Moreover search engine algorithms are getting smarter by the day. They gauge websites not just based on backlinks, but also on visitor behavior such as pages visited and time of stay on pages. It’s also highly difficult to fool search engines with unethical link building practices. Websites face the risk of losing their ranks and credibility on search engines with such methods. Building organic links is the need of the hour, and using quality content sure promotes organic links.

You Benefit from an Article Writing Service

Quality content means factual, grammatically-correct and easy to understand content written with your audience in mind. Content must also incorporate the right keywords at the right places within the article body and be consistently fresh to keep audience interested.

It is possible to do this all by yourself if you’ve the required SEO and language expertise, and are confident that you can create content that speaks to your audience. It is smarter to hire an article writing service if you don’t want to go all by yourself or want time to run your business. An affordable article writing service offering quality services isn’t rare either if you really search deep.

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