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You cannot truly comprehend the power of a good web copy. In fact, a brilliantly written website copy produces better results than all your advertisements put together.

80 percent people would rather do business with a company whose website has a good copy.

59 percent people say that bad copy creates a bad impression about the business and turns them off.

Additionally, the conversion rate of a good website copy is almost 60 percent higher than that of a mediocre copy. QuickContent, a premier website copywriting service, can deliver stellar copy for your website.

What Makes a Good Website Copy?

A great web copy is meant to fulfill one main purpose – sell your products. The two other objectives of website copywriting are to engage customers and to attract search engines. In order to fulfill these purposes, a copy needs three major elements.

1. Target audience. We create content precisely to suit the mindsets of target readers so that readers take action in your favor, be it purchase of a product or sharing your article.

2. Effective call to action. An engaging copy is useless if it does not point the reader to the desired action. We create effective calls to action at crucial points in the copy to prompt your reader to take the desired action.

3. Optimized for SEO. We create copies that not only engage the audience, but also are highly visible to the search engines given the skilled incorporation of keywords.

Our Copywriting Process

Quick Content creates copies in two stages – research and composition. In the research stage, we analyse the mindset of your target audience, identify powerful keywords, survey the market conditions and understand the requirements of your business. We then write the most precise and motivational copies. We ensure that every copy is highly optimized for your target keywords.

Why Quick Content?

– We have worked across multiple industries and can create copies suitable to your business genre

– We ensure flawless copies in terms of informative value, grammar, language and style of presentation

– We keep track of latest SEO developments and optimize the content accordingly

– We follow flexible working methods and are always open to adapting our style to suit your requirements

– We deliver on time

– We are affordable

A great copy is just a click away. Contact QuickContent website copywriting service today and buy web copy that sells.

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