Four Fatal Web Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid

So you rank high on search engines and your audience has absolutely no trouble finding your website. But, you find your visitors leaving your website as visitors and not as customers. Now, why is that? Look deep for your web copy may be the culprit. An effective web copy is one that sells your brand to your visitors. One way to come up with an effective web copy is to know what not to write.

Critical Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

Too Much of Self-Talk – It’s essential to convey that your products or services are best in the market. But, it turns off readers when they see loads of text focusing only on your product/service features. A smarter web copy does describe features but it also tells readers “more” about what “they” gain from the product/service. Your printing machine may be the fastest in the industry, but how does it benefit your customers – increases production, saves time and money or what else? Specify all the benefits.

Making Key Content Difficult to Find – Readers visiting your website are crunched for time. They want useful information fast. If you bury your important message under irrelevant text and expect your audience to “find” it by reading the page start to end, you’re far beyond the heights of optimism. Help your readers get to their point of interest quickly. Place important information at the beginning of the web page, use emphasizing font styles, and include sub-headings and bulleted lists to convey important information.

Dull Headlines – Headlines that fail to catch the attention of the audience are more likely to translate into lost leads. Headlines that convey a specific customer benefit of your product/service are most likely to attract your readers’ attention.

Very Lengthy Content – Content works best with readers when it’s short and to the point. Provide some key information and leave some to make readers curious. Let them click a link or call you up or take other action as specified by you on your website for more information.

Avoid or Perish

If your website is not efficient enough to hold your visitors and generate leads, it obviously is not serving its purpose as a marketing channel. On the other hand, you increase your chances of lead conversions to a great extent by preventing the above errors. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a selling web copy, you could consider hiring a good copywriting service.

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