Hiring an Article Writing Service – What you Need to Know

Hiring the best article writing service is something many marketers find a Herculean task. Finding an article writing service that understands your needs and delivers results need not be as impossible as it may seem. Knowing how to go about the task lessens your chances of being taken for a ride by fraudulent service providers.

What to Look for in an Article Writing Service

Expertise – Article writing services must have experience in writing for your niche as well as excellent language capabilities. Ask the writing company about the number of years of experience they have in writing for your niche. Check the academic and previous career background of the writers in the company and request some writing samples to gauge their niche knowledge, language skills and quality standards.

SEO Knowledge – This is a must for an article writing service. Only with SEO knowledge will the provider be able to develop content optimized for keywords related to your niche and achieve search engine rankings. Ask the company for websites or blogs they have previously worked on to prove their SEO expertise; check how these websites rank on search engines for the specific keywords they were optimized for.

Customer Referrals – Testimonials and customer referrals give significant insights into several factors including the company’s work quality, communication and accessibility and ethical standards. If the company hesitates to give such details, it should raise your suspicions.

Pricing – Ask how they price their projects. This differs from company to company. Some article writing services charge on hourly basis while some may charge per page or for specific word count. Get estimates from three to five article writing services and compare their prices and quality to get an idea of the different choices available to you. Ask how the company charges for revisions; professional article writing companies do not charge for revisions requested before approval of the final copy.

Communication – Observe if the company asks for a one-to-one communication with you after your initial contact. A professional content writing service will want to know more about your project so that they understand your requirements exactly and deliver accordingly.

Choose the Right Article Writing Service

Finding the best article writing service is hard work but the results are worth the efforts for you’ll be getting expert quality and a professional experience. Don’t hesitate to call the company and ask for a one-to-one discussion with the writer before you make a decision.

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