Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Blog TrafficDriving blog traffic is not impossible, but is an objective that requires persistent efforts and some smartness to achieve. There are a number of techniques you can use to build your blog readership.

Be unique

Offer content that your audience can find nowhere else. There may be niche topics that your audiences are forever finding answers for, but not many blogs or websites provide helpful answers. Provide really informative content by leveraging your niche knowledge on such topics.

Take care not to become one among the crowd. Stay away from topics for which there are innumerable resources available online. And if you intend to create a difference with such topics, work out a new angle and perspective to induce freshness into the post.

Present content well

Avoid grammar glitches, include headings and sub-headings, maintain flow between paragraphs, and highlight important points in bullets and bold.

Don’t go all words with your content. Include photos, videos and audio, and multimedia to attract eyeballs. In addition to being interesting, non-text content makes it easier for readers to make meaning of what you’re saying.

Kinder emotions

Lend a little emotion to your posts. One of the main ideas behind business blogging is to shed your corporate image and get closer to your customers. You cannot do this if your blog posts drown in a formal stiff tone. Show humor, sincerity, honesty and confidence in your posts to build camaraderie and credibility.

Be regular

Update posts frequently. Stale sitting posts can lose you even existing readers. Regular updation communicates your interest in the subject and your readiness to share content of value with your audience.

If you can’t find time to blog on a regular basis, consider hiring blog writing service like QuickContent. Many of our clients come to us because they can’t find time from their core activities. By hiring a professional service, you can focus on your core business activities without ignoring your blog.

Have guest posts

Highly popular bloggers or even budding bloggers with a fresh perspective can do wonders for your blog traffic. You are most likely to get a quality backlink from the guest blogger and a wider reach that includes the blogger’s audience.


Produce podcasts and submit them to online podcast directories. Interviews with industry experts, industry developments and best practices are some useful content your podcasts can feature, to grab eyeballs.


Participate in related blogs and forums, providing genuine helpful tips and advice along with a backlink to your blog if the platform allows it. Share blog post links on social networking sites. Use article marketing.

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