Tips to Improve Readability of Your Blog

business blogging tipsA successful business blog does not only draw increasing number of new readers but also ensures the return of old ones on a regular basis. You can establish a growing loyal reader base by using the following tips.

Keep the title short and powerful

Always write brief titles.It is easier for your readers to scroll through your posts if the titles are concise. Long-winding titles are tedious to read and the reader may lose interest in going any further.

Use strong words in compact sentence structures to pique the interests of the readers. The purpose of the title is to trigger curiosity in the readers so that they are compelled to read the rest of the posts. Hence, do not go beyond 8-9 words to frame the title of your post.

Avoid writing lengthy posts

Lengthy posts are time-consuming. Your visitors are looking for informationin a nutshell. They would rather read a book if they wanted pages and pages of knowledge. Write too long a post and the reader will swiftly casino online press the back button without ever trying to go through your other posts.

True, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the ideal length of blog posts. However, common sense dictates that shorter posts finish fast and motivate readers to skim through other posts too. Hence, keep the length of the posts within 750 words.

Use simple words and short sentences

Do not believe that in order to sound convincing you have to use difficult words straight from the dictionary. Simple words can create impact if they are backed by a coherent idea. Similarly, avoid using long sentences with multiple clauses. Such sentences are difficult to follow.

A great idea, properly spelt words and error-free grammar are ingredients of a nice post. Emphasize more on the quality of your information and present it in an easy-to-understand format.

Split posts in smaller paragraphs

How you space your paragraphs also play a role in improving readability. Write short paragraphs with not more than 3 to 4 sentences in each.

Large paragraphs make the post look intimidating and pedagogic. You are not writing a school term paper. Your purpose is to provide information in a friendly manner.

Choose a simple layout

Blogs with simpler layouts look more inviting to the readers. They will be more eager to read if the content is visible clearly. Although there are many blogging templates available with 2, 3 and 4-column option, go beyond 2 columns only if you know how to use the space without creating a cluttered look on your blog.

Visit other people’s blogs as a reader and notice what you like and what you hate. Now, use your experiences as guidelines to improve further readability on your blog.

Blogging is a great way to improve traffic to your website, engage with your audience and to increase your sales. So, its essential to have high quality blog posts on your website.

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