Frequently Asked Questions

01). I Would like to know more about your company

QuickContent is the content writing arm of Cubesquare Informatics, a provider of strategic business solutions. QuickContent is specifically dedicated to fulfilling your entire article-writing needs for online or offline objectives within the fastest time possible. Visit our About Us page for in-depth information.

02). Please provide details about all the writing services you provide.

We offer comprehensive writing services to suit your diverse business needs.

– Articles (SEO optimized as well as general informative content)
– Press Releases
– E-books
– Entire range of marketing content (brochures, fliers, mailers, newsletters and email marketing scripts)
– Copywriting services (business names, captions and slogans)
– SEO content (keyword-optimized articles)
– Website content and landing pages
– Blogs, Forums & Social Media Content
– PowerPoint Presentations
– Any other service to which the definition of content-writing applies

    25). I’m a budding small business owner. Are there any discounts for me?

    The fee we charge for every product is for the high quality of the content we deliver to you. Whether your business is big or small, a start-up or an established one, our end product quality is uniform in all the cases. As such, there are no discounts for any kind of business.

    26). Do I get any discount if I order bulk articles?

    QuickContent offers high quality services at affordable rates. You receive the same uncompromising quality whether you order a single article or a hundred articles. Since our fees are for the quality we provide and not for the size of the project, we do not provide any discount for bulk orders.

    22). I still have questions other than those answered here?

    Please feel free to use the contact form available here. Alternatively, send in your queries to – contact @

    23). What do you do to ensure online safety for your clients?

    QuickContent employs most up-to-date technological capabilities and employee confidentiality policies to ensure clients’ online safety in payment processing and data protection. We use PayPal, which is one of the most trusted online money processing systems worldwide. We employ secure servers and password-encrypted databases and directories to ensure protection of sensitive data such as personal and sensitive financial information. Visit our Privacy Policy section for more information.

    24). How do you collect payments?

    QuickContent requires its clients to pay the entire project fee in advance. This arrangement is to recognize and protect ourselves from unethical clients looking for free content to use for their business.

    19). How can I communicate with you?

    Use any channel of your convenience. We are ready to hear from you and assist you by email, live chat as well as over the telephone.

    20). How accessible are you?

    Apart from our product quality, another area where we are utterly confident that we’ll exceed your expectations is in accessibility. Leave a message anytime, any day and be sure to expect a reply from us. During business days, you can expect a reply within an hour, if you send your communication during business hours. In other cases, you can view a reply in your Inbox in less than 24 hours.

    21). Your services interest me. I would like to discuss my project with you?

    Thanks for your interest in us. Just visit our Contact Us page and fill in the form giving as much information as possible about yourself and the project. We will contact you within minimal time for further discussions. You can also email us at: contact @

    15). How do you ensure a quality end product?

    Quality starts with the way we hire our content development team to training and constantly assisting them to improve their skills. We have rigorous candidate-screening processes to hire writers, editors and quality control team. Our writing and editing team have strict standards for language, writing styles, content references and uniqueness of content, to adhere to. In addition, we use reliable software to ensure zero plagiarism.

    16). What assurance can you give me regarding the end product?

    You can expect persuasive content that would definitely work with your audience and be an asset in your marketing arsenal.

    17). What is your company’s payment method?

    We primarily use PayPal for our transactions as this is the payment method most clients trust for efficiency and security. With PayPal, you can pay using debit card, credit card, or transfer money to our account from your PayPal account balance directly.

    18). Suppose I cancel my order, will I get my money back?

    No. You cannot cancel an order that has already been confirmed by you or in case you’ve already received your deliverables. In either case you are not entitled to any refund.

    11). Do I get 100% rights to the content you deliver to me?

    Yes, you acquire complete ownership to the end product once you pay for it. You can use your name as the author for the content and rewrite it to suit your preferences. QuickContent doesn’t however want to be responsible for the content after modifications by you. This is because there are strong chances that clients may degrade the quality of the content we’ve delivered, with their modifications. As such, it’s our express requirement that you do not name us as the content service provider for content modified by you.

    12). When can I expect my deliverable and how prompt are you with deliverables?

    Once we know the project details, we develop time estimates for delivery depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our project deliverable churn-out time is very swift and we are prompt on our deliveries within deadlines. In fact, our strict adherence to deadlines is one of the major reasons we get repeat business.

    13). I’m not satisfied with my content. What are my options?

    You can request for any number of revisions. Our team will work on your content till it produces a copy that makes you happy. You need not pay extra for these revisions. However; if you’ve approved our copy but want changes in the content after approval, you may have to pay in accordance with the extent of work involved. A few lines, a tweak here and there, or other minor changes do not attract any fees. Major changes do however require payment.

    14). Give us an insight into your content development team.

    Our content development team comprises qualified, professional and experienced writers and editors. Our writers come with the talent to express your message in an engaging way that catches the attention of your audience. Our writers and editors are people who have had years of experience in observing and understanding what content works with readers and what doesn’t.

    We have writers with professional degrees in different disciplines, which empowers us to cater to your content needs in any niche, with expertise. Our editors are responsible for ensuring a grammatically and conceptually impeccable copy that meets your requirements precisely.

    With our content development team in charge, you can definitely expect a well-written, intelligent, grammatically-efficient and a reader-friendly copy with high quality standards that is sure to achieve your business objective.

    08). I have an idea, but I’m not sure how to proceed?

    Absolutely no worries! We have experts who can assist you one-to-one with all your queries and guide you on the right track so that you achieve your end objective. Just call us up or come for a live chat to discuss what you’ve in mind and how we can help you.

    09) I would like to read a few samples of your writing?

    Sure. Just contact us with your request and we will have examples of our work sent to you.

    10). Are you willing to issue customer references for your work?

    Absolutely. Just send in your request and we’ll fulfil it.

    06). What happens if there is a plagiarized article despite your stringent quality measures?

    Possibilities of receiving a plagiarized end product are less than rare. In case of any such event, feel free to contact us and we’ll replace your existing content with a new unique piece.

    07). How do you determine the price for your services?

    Our services are competitively priced. Prices for the services mentioned on the home page of this website are quoted on the website itself. If your project does not fall under any of the project categories mentioned on our website, or has additional requirements, prices may vary. In such a case, use our contact form for further discussions.

    05). How do you prevent plagiarism?

    QuickContent has a rigid code against plagiarism. Each article produced by our writers is thoroughly scrutinized for plagiarism through stringent quality check processes. Our quality control team double checks content to ensure no text has been directly copy-pasted from references. We run all written copies through Copyscape to capture any plagiarised content. We also ensure that all our writers and editors are aware of what constitutes plagiarism and educate them on different methods they can use to avoid unintentional plagiarism in their work.

    03). Do you offer any other services apart from content writing?

    Yes. We offer the following value-added services

    – Directory Submission
    – PR Distribution
    – Social Bookmarking
    – Link Building
    – Regular Content Updation for blogs, websites and social media websites

    04). I need writing services for different niches. Are you capable of handling it?

    QuickContent has years of experience in handling content needs related to different domains. We have delivered value for clients across a range of industries including IT, finance, medical, health & fitness, legal, education, travel & tourism, hospitality, and entertainment & media. As such, we understand the inherent needs of most of the sectors and are willing to learn about new areas.