How Article Writing Helps your SEO Efforts

Many online marketers, including you may write or buy articles, or hire an article writing service, to improve your search engine rankings. But, do you really know how articles contribute to SEO? If not, it helps to be informed so that you know how to derive the maximum benefits from your articles.

SEO Benefits of Article Writing – Capturing the Attention of Search Engines

Unique Quality Content – The fundamental aim of search engines is to deliver credible and useful information to searchers. You stand more chances of winning the search engine game using articles packed with information for your audience. Readers are more interested in useful and engaging content. Choose any topic relevant to your niche audience that will help them make an informed decision. Good content creates a positive impression on your audience and they are more likely to visit your website or blog to know more about you.

Keyword Inclusion – Articles present an invaluable opportunity to use keywords and key phrases relevant to your niche. By choosing the right keywords and using them in a constructive manner in your articles, you bring search engines closer to you. You can write a number of articles optimized for different keywords, which allows you to target all possible search terms your audiences are likely to use. You increase your chances of getting indexed by search engines for a range of keywords, enormously. This means, you increase your possibilities to reach your targeted audience to the maximum.

Inbound Link Strength – As you produce articles with relevant, factual and useful content, you build a reputation as a trustworthy provider of credible information. A strong and positive online reputation is most likely to attract other websites, blogs and social networking websites into using your content. You gain invaluable backlinks to your blogs or websites from them.

You can also build your inbound link strength by submitting articles to article directories. Many of these directories enjoy huge readership and good reputation and a backlink from such sites increases your article credibility. Since search engines favour information sources with impressive backlinks, you improve your possibilities of high ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Article Writing – A Powerful Marketing Tool

Good article writing creates great value for your website by improving traffic, conversions and sales. The catch however is to create content that is well-optimized to attract search engines, informative and interesting to engage readers, and persuasive to drive your audiences into action.

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