Disadvantages of Poorly Written Content

Quality Content There was a time when webmasters did not care about the quality of content they uploaded on their sites. The Internet used to abound with poorly written content that turned off visitors. However, things have changed.

If you have not improved the quality of content on your site, your site may be failing and lagging behind others. The disadvantages of poorly written content are many.

Keyword Stuffing

If your site is crammed with content that hardly contains any information, but is stuffed with keywords, your visitors will feel let down and will simply ignore your site, never to return.

Lack of online casino Social Media Marketing

If your site or content does not get adequate social media coverage or if it isn’t compelling enough to generate social media buzz, your site will fail to become popular. Often, it is poorly written content that is the main culprit behind your site’s lack of social popularity.

Google Penalty

Thin content, copied or duplicated content and auto generated content are heavily penalized by Google and other search engines. Sites containing hollow content like this slide down the ranks and thus lose viewership.

Lack of Links and Comments

If your content lacks freshness and originality, if it repeats the same stuff that is found on several other websites, nobody will be inclined to comment on your site or link to it; this will push down your ranks.

And lower ranks means lesser traffic. A site that boasts of a number of quality incoming links is more likely to be ranked high by Google.

Panda and Penguin

Google brought out the much feared Panda update and thereafter the Penguin update to weed out sites that upload duplicated content or content bought from content farms.

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