How to Choose an Article Writing Service?

You may want to buy articles or hire an article writing service as part of your website or blog promotion strategy. But, given the proliferation of content services, how will you identify let alone select, an article writing service that delivers?

Knowing what to do helps weed the empty shouters and increases your chances of finding the real performers.

1. Make a List

Build a preliminary list of potential article writing services. Seek referrals from friends and professional colleagues. Search online for article writing service providers. Blogs, forums and social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are also good places to seek suggestions.

2. Research further

Visit websites of prospective companies and find out details such as experience and staff qualification and capabilities. Read writing samples if any on the website. The website itself should give you an initial impression of the company.

For example, a poorly-written web copy on the website does speak something about a company that claims to provide quality writing.

3. Contact the writing service

Talk to them about your project requirements. Ask them about the experience they have in your niche and in the type of content your project demands.

Check for the company’s knowledge and experience in SEO and building search engine rankings using content. Ask for samples of earlier works of their SEO success.

Get customer referrals and call them up or send an email to obtain firsthand feedback about the article writing service.

4. Try the service

The best thing would be to test their services with a trial order. Order a few articles and experience their writing quality first hand. This way,  your risk is mitigated and you get to know the company’s quality first hand.

5. Clarify

Ask the company about its content revision policies. This is crucial because some companies charge money even for minor revisions. A professional article writing service holds client’s satisfaction paramount; therefore it will be amenable to making changes free of cost until the copy meets your expectation given you inform them of the need for revision prior giving final approval.

Negotiate but don’t Compromise

Price is an important factor you must consider when shopping for article writing services. But don’t let price rule. Compare prices and work of all prospective service providers.

If you find an article writing service that you feel can deliver far better than others but is a bit expensive than others, go for it. In the long run, only the best article writing service can build a strong online presence for you.

So hire an article service today to enhance your online presence.

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