Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. As such, we employ meticulous measures to safeguard your personal information collected through this website. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of transparency with regard to information pertaining to the collection and usage of your personal data.

The purpose of this page is to explain the type of personal information we gather from you, how we use the information and what we do to ensure highest standards of data protection. We share all essential information here so that you have all pertinent facts before choosing to provide us with your personal information.

Personal Data

QuickContent collects personal identity information including name, mailing and email address, telephone number and professional details when you buy a product/service. We request you for personal information when you use our website to make inquiries, subscribe to a service or purchase a product. The purpose behind gathering your personal data is to cater to your interests more accurately. We use your personal information to:

– Execute transactions
– Deliver requested product, service or information
– Communicate regular product or service updates
– Respond to suggestions and feedback

PayPal, our payment processing service provider collects your credit/debit card details when you buy our product/service. PayPal security features ensure that your credit card details do not reside on our servers. As such, we don’t have any access to your credit card information.

Our Assurance

QuickContent assures you that your data of general, personal or sensitive nature, gathered by us, will not be used for any commercial gain. We’ll not sell, trade or provide your personal details to third parties without seeking your approval.


QuickContent uses cookies to add more value to your experience when you visit our website. Cookies are identifiers existing in the form of files. When you browse QuickContent, your browser places these cookies in your computer’s hard drive. We use the specific information that these cookies gather from your system to customize your experience when you revisit QuickContent website. You can however choose to block our cookies using relevant settings on your browser.

Data Security

QuickContent employs highest standards of technical expertise to ensure data protection and secure transactions. Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology ensures protection of sensitive information such as credit card details and social security numbers provided during transactions. Data transferred during transactions reside on highly secure databases of our online payment processing service partners. These databases are accessible to only selected personnel who are governed by stringent confidentiality policies. On completion of a transaction, any personal information is removed from our servers.

Personal information submitted when ordering a product/service, requesting information or providing feedback, is protected through the use of strong password-governed directories and databases accessible to only a chosen few of personnel. Servers at QuickContent do not retain or save any personal information.

You reserve the right to demand removal of your personal information from our directories and databases at any point of time. Visit our Contact Us page and place a request for the same.

Information Accuracy

We recognize your right to accurate information when it comes to your personal data. As such, you can send in your requests to change or correct your personal details in our records. Visit our Contact Us page to place a request.

Privacy Policy Acceptance, Updations & Changes

You communicate your acceptance of our privacy policy automatically when you start using our website. In case you disagree with any of our privacy policy content as explained on this page, we request you to stop consuming any information, product or service, available via this website.

QuickContent has the right to update, revise or change privacy policies. We will inform you in case of policy changes. We also request you to visit this page regularly to be informed of any changes in our privacy policy.