Do I Really Need Keywords?

You may have heard your article writing service talking at length about keyword-optimized content and how you can expect higher search engine rankings as a result. As an online marketer, you definitely desire the visibility that your article writing service says keywords are sure to produce; but, you may wonder if keywords are really worth it or if they’re just hype created by content writing companies to get you to buy articles. So, are keywords fact or hype?

Keywords are Important

You want to reach your online audience to tell them about your products/services and convince them to buy your brand, or to create a following for your blog. Whatever your online objective, your audience must first find you to get to know you. For that, you must get into the knowledge of search engines first.

When a user types in a search word relevant to your niche or product/service, search engines will crawl your web page only if they are convinced that the page has that search word, within allowable limits, and woven into content that is really useful for your audience.

In essence, if you want targeted visitors and traffic for your website, you need keywords.

If I want Traffic, I can Build Links

Sure you can since backlinks can improve your search engine visibility. But, backlinks again depend on how well you are visible on search engine rank pages (SERPs). It’s only when people find you on SERPs, they visit your website; if they find helpful content, they are more likely to share this information on their website or blog with a backlink to you.

Granted, there are several methods to create back links including paying for them. Even if you’re buying backlinks, the anchor text has to have relevant keywords to attract search engine interest. Secondly, search engine algorithms are adept at recognizing tactics aimed solely at building links without providing any useful content for visitors; you are more likely to end up getting penalized for such efforts.

SEO takes more than Being Keyword-Literate

Mere knowledge of the importance of keywords is not enough to create a keyword-optimized copy that sells on search engines. You need to know the type of keywords to choose and the tools to generate keywords; equally important is to know what amounts to keyword overuse and the right places to use keywords on a web page to get quick attention of search engines.

An article marketing company can help you derive the true value from the use of keywords, and help you build quality backlinks with constructive strategies.

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