Increasing Internet Usage in UK – An Opportunity for Small Business Owners

Small Business SEOThe percentage of population that uses the Internet in UK is higher than any other country in world. According to 2012 statistics, 84.1 percent (52,731,209) of UK population uses the Internet.

The usage trends are increasing every year. In 2011, 83.5 percent (41.99 million) people in UK used the Internet.

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Linkvana Post Writer – How to Choose?

Linkvana Post Writer Almost all the webmasters interested in increasing traffic to a website are jumping on to the Linkvana bandwagon to create permanent and powerful backlinks to their websites.

Linkvana is a paid, membership-based private network of high quality blogs where members can submit 100 word posts and 250 word articles for link building purposes. It is therefore natural that webmasters are in search of a quality Linkvana post writer.

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Update your Blog Regularly with these Tips and Ideas

Blog WritingUpdating your blog regularly is important to boost and maintain your search engine rankings. Regularly updating your blog keeps your website fresh, and since search engines favor new useful content, the chances of your blog pages getting indexed increase enormously.

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Local Phone Number and SEO

Local SearchAccording to a 2011 ComScore report, Google witnessed 11.6 billion searches in a span of one month of which 2.3 billion amounted to local search. In fact, 97% of people searching the Internet look for local purchase options. Google started giving priority to local search results from 2010.

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Disadvantages of Poorly Written Content

Quality Content There was a time when webmasters did not care about the quality of content they uploaded on their sites. The Internet used to abound with poorly written content that turned off visitors. However, things have changed.

If you have not improved the quality of content on your site, your site may be failing and lagging behind others. The disadvantages of poorly written content are many.

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