Content Writing Vs Content Curation

content marketing tipsContent creation and content curation, both aim to provide quality content to readers. The difference exists in the manner content is acquired. Content creation involves writing the content yourself. Content curation requires content to be gathered from third-party web resources and involves different content forms including text, images, audio, video and multimedia.

Content Curation – Pros & Cons

Content curation gives you the advantage of sourcing the best resources available on the web, at one place. It’s information of quality that audiences are looking for. By providing all valuable information collectively, you are building a reputation of credibility and trust among your audience. Since you’ll be providing fresh links regularly with a brief keyword-based description, you search engines rankings too tend to increase.

On the downside, you cannot always depend on the quality of third-party resources. For example, a link that you curated on your site to give specific information may not hold the same information a few months later in which case your audience will feel cheated. In short, you don’t have control over the content and its quality.

You may think curation saves the time taken to write articles on your own. While it may be true, you may find yourself investing perhaps an equal amount of time curating links. Immense caution and study are necessary to gather top-quality links and attribute resources. Low content quality or source attribution errors can damage your reputation. Finding time can be difficult if you’ve your own business and costly if you’re considering hiring in-house resources.

Content Writing Offers Greater Benefits

Control over your content quality is the primary advantage of creating content by yourself. As an expert in the niche, you can be sure that only factual information reaches your audiences. Credibility is a natural by-product of quality content creation. When you update website regularly with fresh content, you get SEO advantage too.

Sometimes it may be hard to find resources on relatively new niche topics being searched by audiences. In such cases too, content creation serves as a better option helping you reinforce your niche expertise and credibility.

If time and cost are an issue, an expert content writing service is not hard to get. You can buy unique articles from a professional article writing service and set your content strategy into motion.

Should I Curate or Write Content?

For maximum success, you need to do both. Keep the quantity of original self-written content more than collected content. On a scale of ten, you could write seven original articles and curate three quality links.